Aquaculture is still relatively small in Northland but has great potential so a growth target needs to be specified in terms of a level rather than a growth rate.  We suggest that the industry in Northland grows to the size of the aquaculture industry in Marlborough (which has the largest industry among NZ regions) in ten years time.  Under this scenario aquaculture in Northland will grow from $10.3million in 2008 to $27.9million (in 2008 prices).  This growth equates to 10.5%pa.


Northland already boasts a aquaculture industry incorporating oysters, mussels, and the beginnings of Fin Fish farming. Most of New Zealands mussel spat originates along Northland iconic 90 Mile beach and our pacific oysters are well recognised across the world.


The Northland Regional Council has identified 18 possible sites for the expansion of this industry. The Partnership is keen to expand the commercial opportunities available in Northland by helping the private sector grow this industry. For further information Click Here